The proposed sessions for the conference is as follows:

Session 1: Automotive R&D Mega Trends – Global Perspective & Indian Standpoint 
Advanced technology & concepts in Global Market – Smart / Driverless Cars, Connectivity, Micro-mobility, Alternate fuels etc.; Indian Industry – Potential & Challenges; Key R&D Milestones;

Session 2: Major Challenges in Indian Automotive R&D           
Automotive R&D Policies - Indian Perspective; R&D Skill Gaps & Development Measures; Critical Resources in India – Styling, Prototyping & Evaluation; Focus on Special Areas for Product Development, Design & Styling; R&D Investments, Barriers, ROI & Efficient Business Models; Indian Automotive - IPR Perspective; Gen Y & Rapid Urbanization - Shortening Product Life Cycle etc.

Session 3: Efficient Conventions & Approaches towards a Robust R&D
Advantages of setting up R&D in India; Lean Design in R&D; India Unique Designs done in India; Capturing Indian Customer needs by R&D utilizing Quality Function Deployment Approach; Moving from Make in India ==> Make for India by R&D

Session 4: Ecosystem of Automotive R&D – Stakeholder Views & Measures
Landscape view of Indian Automotive R&D; Stakeholder Views of Indian Automotive R&D – OEM Expectations, OES, and Engineering Service Providers Solutions; Success Story of Global OEM / OES R&D in India

Panel Discussion – “Critical Measures to Enhance Indian Automotive R&D to pace with Global Automotive Trends - OEM, OES & other Partners in R&D Supply Chain”


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