Conference on Emerging Technologies
in Food Processing Sector

28th June 2013: Hotel ITC Park Sheraton, Chennai, INDIA

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Inaugural Session
The opening session will provide a perspective on the food industry in India – the opportunity factor and its limitations. It will highlight the steps being undertaken to alleviate R & D functionalities in different areas within the food processing industry.

Plenary Session I: Future of Food Processing Industry
Global Challenges & Global Solutions would concentrate on emergence of global networks and high lights the attractiveness for investment in the current market situation etc. But now, with recent advances in food processing and new business opportunities in specialized markets, the industry is working on a wide variety of business solutions for the foodstuff industry.

Plenary Session II: Recent Advances in Processing Technologies
Food processing is the set of methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food for consumption by humans. In order to meet the sensory, quality, safety, nutrition, health, economic and novelty demanded of food products by consumers, it is necessary to design and engineer food process operations to enhance product's quality, safety, yield, and profitability. Food processing has moved on from being a craft to a modern technology. The principles of operation and design of industrial equipment, used in the processing, storage and packaging of foods may play an important role in the processed foods of the future.

Plenary Session III:  Latest Trends in Storage, Handling and Packaging Technologies
Food technologists have long developed new food sources, analyzed food content and developed ways to preserve, package and store food according to industry and government regulations and customer needs. The future of technology in food handling and packaging would be a systems approach where each component would have an active role. This is driven by consumer demand for greater quality, price pressures, and functionality and convenience options. The immediate next step would be integration at all levels

Plenary Session IV: Energy Efficiency Technologies
The food industry is working on quality and safety solutions to meet consumer needs and to ensure that sanitation; safety, quality and waste management standards are met. There are several ongoing trends and research and development activities apparent within the food-processing community in the areas of pollution prevention and clean technology implementation. The session would address the issues of both human health and environmental pollution issues and its efforts to incorporate pollution prevention and clean technologies into its processing operations.

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