Conference Highlights
  • The conference duration is for one day.
  • The technical sessions would be divided amongst speakers from prominent companies sharing new technologies, trends on the latest advancements in the ICT sector for automotive industry.
  • For the delegates this would be the forum where they would learn about innovations and the experiences of new technologies/techniques.
  • Delegates would also get the opportunity to meet and interact with companies involved in technologies of interest. The conference would prove to be an excellent "Learning Platform & Business Networking opportunity" to the delegates.

The conference is proposed to conduct 1 Inaugural Session, 3 plenary sessions, and 1 Panel Discussion:

Plenary session 1: ICT for sustainable mobility

  • Clean power technologies, anti-idling technology etc
  • Car pooling, Connected services and ICT for mobility, Smart phones for Vehicle integration
  • Intelligent vehicle & transportation, multi-modalism, ADAS, Telematics etc
  • ICT solutions for Greener Automotives

Plenary session 2: ICT for Product Engineering

  • Integrated communication services, Information Management etc
  • Process Excellence, Advanced ERP, Integrated supply chain, Lean Enterprise, etc
  • Innovation management, Intelligent Manufacturing, IT for Green design etc
  • ICT for future value chain with newer automotive products & systems

Plenary session 3: ICT for enhanced consumer experience

  • Interactive & Integrated CRM, Virtual Design Clinic/Showroom, Virtual driving experience
  • Cloud computing
  • Digital customer management, Dealer management system, Warranty management etc
  • Customer experience management

Panel Discussion – Do Indian metros need electric alternatives?

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