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India Innovation Initiative, i3 – 2010 Southern Regional Fair

Opportunity to harness innovations for wealth generation and societal benefit

29-30 September 2010 - SRM University, Katankulathur, Chennai


To promote and inculcate a spirit of innovation in India, many steps have been taken by both the Government of India as well as by Industry leaders to encourage application of breakthrough technology ideas in the society. i3, a joint initiative of Agilent, DST and CII, aims to capture the innovative ideas from the Indian innovators in the age group of 18 years and above, including students, innovators from R&D Institutes & Labs, Industry professionals and individual innovators / Entrepreneurs, grassroots innovators etc. IIM-A & Young Indians (Yi) are partnering this initiative. While IIMA has offered to mentor, incubate and help making business proposals in order to commercialize the best innovations, Yi is sponsoring a Special Yi Next Practices Award. The promoters will take forward the most potential innovations by providing the commercialization support through CII-Raunaq Singh Innovation Grid., is a web-based networking portal for all the stakeholders of the innovation to market process. The ESP of this initiative will be identification of projects that would be directly related to industry, matured enough to be used by the industry, with a substantial potential to be commercialized.


The objective of the India Innovation Initiative, i3 is to create an innovation eco-system in the country by sensitizing, encouraging and promoting innovators and facilitating commercialization of the innovations.


First level of screening: online through Novelty search by TDC's (Technology Development Center) of CII followed by four regional and one final national i3 fair.

Selection Criteria
  • Creativity & Originality
  • Scientific Methodology or Application / Engineering Goals
  • Potential for commercial applications
  • Thoroughness
  • Skill
  • Clarity
  • Team work (in case of a team)
    Expert Panel of Judges
  • Eminent Scientists, Professors
  • Industrialists
  • Experts from Agilent
    Awards for the top 5 Innovations
  • Cash prizes
  • Mentoring from Experts from IIMA
  • Funding & Commercialization support from IIMA and Yi
  • IP facilitation / Licensing
Target Participants Innovators above 18 years
  • Students from colleges / Universities and institutes
  • Innovators from R&D Institutes & Labs
  • Industry professionals
  • Individual Innovator / Entrepreneurs