About the Conference

It is well known fact that the IP scenario of India changed substantially since January 2005. India now ranks 4th worldwide accounting for 8% of world’s production by volume and 13th in value in pharmaceutical sector. India shows excellent performance in export. India exports to more than 200 countries around the globe including the highly regulated markets of US, Europe, Japan and Australia. The Indian pharmaceutical sector has come a long way, being almost non-existing during 1970, to a prominent provider of health care products; meeting almost 95% of Country’s pharmaceutical needs. Currently the Indian Pharma industry is valued at approximately US $ 17 billion and expected to grow US $ 50 billion by 2015.

The trend of patent filing in our country has tremendously increased. From 2005, till date, about 13,000 patents have been issued in both chemicals and pharmaceuticals. About 70,000 patent applications are in the pipeline for process and examination in the country. Innovations and strengthening of the patent system is important for industrial growth and it also equally important to take necessary steps to safeguard the sanctity of our patent system and prevent filing and grant of frivolous unpatentable subject matters.

The MNCs from abroad has interest in Indian Industry and market and India is now becoming inundated with interest from them looking to invest in its burgeoning pharmaceutical industry, considering the advantages of the Indian market viz. solid legal framework & strong financial markets; committed to free market economy & globalization; large middle-class market with huge growth potential and huge cost advantage. The new patent regime has led many multinational pharmaceutical companies to look at India as an attractive destination not only for R&D but also for contract manufacturing, conduct of clinical trials, generic drug research and co-marketing alliances.

The focus of the Indian generic companies is also shifting from process improvisation to drug discovery and R&D. Indian companies are setting up their own R&D setups and are also collaborating with the research laboratories. Mergers, acquisitions and alliances have been taking place on an unprecedented scale, most notably with companies in developed countries. These transactions provide Indian companies with access to foreign markets and facilitate the process of seeking regulatory approval for new products.

The future of the Indian pharmaceutical sector looks extremely positive. Indian pharmaceutical industry is entering an era in which it is becoming a global hub for R&D activities, which may be in the area of new drug discovery. Indian pharmaceutical industry has also been increasing the R&D expenditure significantly in the recent years. With an increase in R&D spending, Indian companies could file large number of patents. The key is innovation and creativity, and the desire for building a global business model.

The proposed conference will provide an in depth knowledge of the existing scenario in the Pharma industry post the introduction of product patents in Patent Ordinance and also on the survival strategy and the best practices through case studies of the Pharma companies for enhancing their competitiveness. This forum will pave a way for Industry-institute collaboration by means of technology transfer, licensing of the inventions which will shape the future of the Pharma sector both domestically and internationally. The forum will also help to establish linkages and partnerships with IP professionals, scientists and researchers across the country. 

In this context, Tamil Nadu Technology Development & Promotion Center of CII is organizing a one day Conference on Intellectual Property Rights: Challenges and Way Forward for the Pharmaceutical Industry on 15th of December 2010 at Hotel Le Royal Meridien, Chennai.

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