Interactive Session with Progressive Farmers

31st May 2011 - Hotel Pandian, Madurai

Farming and crop production has become increasingly complex and the farmer needs to be familiar with the entire production to consumption chain. The skill and knowledge level of the average farmer is highly inadequate and unable to effectively exploit the opportunities available on farm for income enhancement and productive occupation. The need is to effectively train average farmer in several critical areas of production to consumption chain in order to make farmer self-dependent especially in producing quality inputs required in farming.

Diffusion of innovation in agriculture is a complex process. The success of this process is governed by the various factors—technology characteristics, sociocultural factors, participation of stakeholders, and environment—that enable and sustain effective interaction between these stakeholders. Effectiveness of extension system depends largely on effective performances of each stakeholder.

To improve the existing extension system, intervention has to be designed at appropriate level. Mechanism to implement the capacity-building programme and develop awareness among farmers requires formulation of strategy at specific level. Capacity strengthening intervention should be aimed for development of crop specific knowledge and skill building among small and marginal farmers and also existing SMEs.

Development agents usually work with opinion leaders/ progressive farmers to enhance the impact of their diffusion activities in a social system. They are typically more innovative and usually provide advice and information to other people and maintain a high level of credibility in the diffusion process. In this context, we are seeking Progressive Farmers /agricultural opinion leaders as implementing partners for the proposed session, given that they seem particularly well-informed individuals and thus well placed to be hubs of information for their communities.

Content of the session should be related to specific crop production, entrepreneurship and transfer of technology for the comprehensive farm management.

This includes:

  • Crop specific modern production technologies.
  • Production, marketing and technology support for specific crops.
  • Process for grading, standardization and packing for specific crops.
  • Value addition and storage to the extent possible at farm level as per the need of the commodities and mark

Each crop will have a unique requirement depending on region and market place that need to be understood and the area, commodity, seasonality specific needs to be developed to understand this dynamics.

Speakers from Progressive Farming Community:
Progressive farmer should be identified from respective area in the state. They should be identified based upon their contribution, technical knowledge and success achieved in their effort at local level.

In this context USAID – Michigan State University - Indian Horticulture Development Alliance and Confederation of Indian Industry are jointly organizing an interactive "Session with Progressive Farmers" on 31st May 2011 at Hotel Pandian, Mannar Thirumalai Nayacker Hall, Madurai. Farmers from all over Tamil Nadu are requested to attend this important interactive session.

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