World IP Day Celebrations

IPR Creating Opportunities for
innovative Upstarts and Startups

26th april 2017, 09:00 hrs - 13:00 hrs, Hotel Raintree, St Mary's Road, Chennai

About the seminar

India is the world's youngest startup nation as 72% entrepreneurs in India are below 35 years of age with 4400 tech startups in India, we are just behind US and UK in terms of numbers. India would be home to 12,000 tech startups by the end of 2020.

While it may not be the first thing that grabs your attention when starting up a new company or business, every start-up should consider intellectual property (IP) protection at an early stage. IP can be a unique selling proposition (USP) of the product or service sustainability .Startups should ensure that they build a strong IP portfolio to not just survive but also succeed in this fiercely competitive market to outdo the competitors. It's time for the startups to embrace protection of their intangible assets.

Though startups have started realizing the inherent importance of IP, it is essential for them to understand and gain knowledge on how to build an IP strategy, how much time and resources to be involved in developing IP.

It is important to understand the role of IPR in successful technology transfer and how it could reduce the cost of your business. Young startupreneurs should identify potential infringers of the particular technology and earn revenues through licensing and cross-licensing negotiations.

Not understanding the value of IP at the time of mergers and acquisitions can pose a threat to the success of the organization in the future. Thus there is a need to educate on Intellectual property as plays a vital role in protecting and monetizing innovation for startups.

With this background and need, IP being the cynosure of all eyes in Make in India as the Indian government is establishing a strong IP regime in the country, TNTDPC is organizing this Seminar exclusively for startups on IPR as it is very critical for them to understand their intellectual property and stay abreast of the current technologies, innovation, knowhow, and develop IP strategy.

The proposed sessions for the seminar are as follows:

Session 1:
IP pills for startups and technopreneurs

Every startup has IP Rights, which it needs to understand and protect for excelling in its business. Every startup uses trade name, brand, logo, advertisements, inventions, designs, products, or a website, in which it possesses valuable IP Rights. This session will discuss on how IP is crucible for innovation, growth and profitability for business. Elaborates on First steps for a startup to secure protection for its intellectual property rights.

Session 2:
Fundamentals of technology transfer and IP strategies- Innovation2Market

Intellectual property rights play a crucial role in protecting new technologies and monetizing through licensing revenue streams. This session discusses best strategies for startups on licensing, selling and commercialization of IP protected technologies in the long run. The session will also throw light on some of the successful IP driven innovation.

Session 3:
Panel discussion on how IPR will be the key to drive India's Innovation

The panel will discuss on why India should make innovation as a key component in its regulatory framework. The panel will also discuss on Government's moves to push 'Innovations' in the country and enhance the foundation of IP to expedite India's innovation rating.

Prominent speakers from leading law firms and industries have been invited to participate and share their knowledge at this seminar.

The Seminar targets a broad spectrum of participants including Innovators, entrepreneurs, technopreneurs, startups and upstarts from Electronics, IT and ITES, Automotive, Pharma, Energy & Telecommunication.

Why attend

• To understand the role of IPR in supporting the innovative ecosystem
• To improve the valuation of your business
• To gain competitive advantage
• To use intellectual property as a marketing edge
• To use the IP Rights as a potential revenue stream

Why Sponsor.

• Interested in showcasing your brand or support to spread awareness on IPR.
• Support to spread awareness on the role of IPR in encouraging innovation and creativity.

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