About the Conference / Background
It’s an age of unprecedented, mind boggling technological revolution. Technological innovations are shaping the future and changing the world. Economic progress in this tech-savvy era has often been linked to technological progress. Ensuring such progress is necessary. Ultimately IP acts as the fulcrum to strengthen innovation and economic progress. Henceforth tailoring a strong IP system is the need of the hour .Other factors such as increasing globalization, international trade, technological and innovation advances over the last decade has led to increased litigation placing pressure to build a robust IP system.

From extensive illegitimate use of a company’s patents and trademarks in global market to illicit downloads of music and books in homes, companies are constantly fighting to protect their IP. As technology eases the exploitation of patented, trademarked, and copyrighted materials, businesses are adopting an aggressive approach for enforcing their patent rights .Developing a strategy to prevent invalidation or infringement is as important as obtaining patents for innovations.

Intellectual property litigation is one of the most intensive and expensive litigation areas today. There has been a significant rise in IP litigation in India in the last few years. According to the records published by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion at Intellectual Property Appellate Board s of 31st December 2014 there have been 73 patent cases received out of which 44 cases have been disposed of.

Media and court decisions are commenting with increasing prevalence on the impact of intellectual property litigation in multiple jurisdictions. With globalization, parallel proceedings with multiple jurisdictions trending and has become a common sight. Parallel proceedings in multiple jurisdictions are not just limited to pharmaceutical litigation or patent cases, also covers other forms of IPR such as trademark, design copyright as well.

The key challenges in multi-jurisdictional litigation are lack of familiarity with territories, their legal systems and cross border disputes. Potential pitfall in multi-jurisdictional IP dispute litigation is the increasing cost where the parties have to fight in more than one country.

The increasing cost of IP litigation is teetering on the brink of new global crisis. Hence companies and innovators are under the pressure to device effective litigation strategies to shield themselves from possible litigation risks.

With this background, the Tamil Nadu Technology Development and Promotion Centre along with United States & Trademark Office-Global Intellectual Property Academy(USPTO-GIPA) and various law firms, organizing the 3rd Edition LITCON- a one day conference on IP Litigation on 24 November 2017 at Hotel Ramada Plaza, Chennai. USPTO-GIPA is the international partner for the conference along with Anand & Anand as Conference Partner and Lex Witness as the Magazine Partner for this initiative.

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