Presidents Message

The Tamil Nadu Technology Development & Promotion Centre (TNTDPC) was
established in the year 2005, under the joint participation of the Government of Tamil
Nadu and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to work with MSMEs in the state. TNTDPC is incorporated as a Society, with an apex Governing Council consisting of members from Government of India, Government of Tamil Nadu, Industry and CII. TNTDPC functions as an intermediary role between industries, institutes, Government, International Partners and many other potential stakeholders to visualize the technological needs and trends whilst developing a stronger business network. It has been effective in utilizing its conferences, seminars, workshop, training programs and consultation as a platform to meet the technological needs. Conference on Automotive R&D trends, Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing, FoodCon, AgriCon and IPR are some of the effective medium the centre deploys to reach the sectoral players. The centre has also started working in the emerging sectors like Innovation, AI and green technologies to further the mission.
TNTDPC helps clients in identifying the right opportunities, technologies, financial partners, equipment and other services, suppliers, markets, material suppliers etc., before guiding them on how to mobilize resources through funding and other supports from the Government to achieve economies in their endeavor.
TNTDPC offers a diverse range of technical and consultancy solutions for industries to achieve compliance, efficiency and sustainable business success. The centre is also taking initiatives to explore a new area on registration of Geographical Indications (GIs) in Tamil Nadu. GIs serve the commercial interests of the traditional communities who developed such products. GI registration helps to scale up the business of the producer community. The business/rural communities can target international markets using GI certification which adds brand value to their product and can set a premium price to the product. I am happy that TNTDPC delivers a diverse range of technical and consultancy solutions for MSMEs to achieve compliance, efficiency and sustainable business success. The centre continues to work along the vision of Tamil Nadu State Government to create industrially and economically prosperous Tamil Nadu, which is
also technologically strong and innovative. I envision TNTDPC to become the primary body in the state for catalyzing the technology growth and industrial development. I wish the Centre all the very best in achieving its set objectives & targets. I am confident that MSMEs will be able benefit from the valuable services being offered by the TNTDPC.

Dr Neeraj Sharma
President, TNTDPC Governing Board &
Secretary, Technology Development Board
Dept of Science & Technology
Government of India
New Delhi