Entrepreneur Services

The TNTDPC Entrepreneurs society has been designed to educate, challenge, inspire and support entrepreneurs as well as those who have a stake in their success.
Identification of Partners

TNTDPC had showed interest on helping of SMES by finding of partner through matchmaking of products globally and identifying of vendors for the large scale industries. This is through joint hand with UNIDO and TEDO..

Technology Commercialization
  • The purpose of the Center for Technology Commercialization is to identify, encourage, and support entrepreneurial activities among the staffs and owners of the industries in Tamil Nadu, India. TNTDPC assists inventors and companies with IP issues, business feasibility analysis, business plan development, start-up financing, management team acquisition, and related issues.
  • This Web site provides a community portal and clearinghouse for information on the technology commercialization process and to facilitate the process of match making etc to the business expertise or with the other industries they might require and business to the technical expertise they need.