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The automotive landscape is currently witnessing an unprecedented era of transformative upheaval. This profound shift is exerting immense pressure upon original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and automotive suppliers, compelling them to embark on a journey of evolution and innovation. OEMs are actively seeking visionary suppliers capable of catalyzing the acceleration of their new product launches, the reduction of operational overheads, and the augmentation of profit margins. The forthcoming conference aspires to illuminate attendees on the innovative business strategies employed by triumphant OEMs and suppliers, equipping them to navigate the dynamic demands of this brave new market terrain.

The automotive industry stands as the vanguard sector in propelling our nation’s economic growth, wielding its influence as a pivotal technological catalyst across various domains. The forward trajectory for all industries hinges on a dedicated commitment to fortify and nurture their Research and Development (R&D) prowess, and to elevate their worth by means of cutting-edge technology and design innovation.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has embarked on a visionary quest to position the state as the quintessential epicenter for Global Capability Centers. This ambitious endeavor hinges upon the fusion of Knowledge, Research, and Innovation within our strategic sectors, serving as the cornerstone for propelling us closer to the coveted $1 Trillion economic milestone. It’s a resounding commitment to transform Tamil Nadu into a beacon of economic prowess and technological excellence on the global stage.

Emerging from its inception in 2008, the Conference on Automotive R&D Trends has unfurled its wings to soar as the pinnacle of industry gatherings. Through a remarkable journey spanning 14 successful editions, this prestigious event has solidified its status as the coveted summit for automotive luminaries, auto component innovators, and tech visionaries. An annual assembly for more than 500 esteemed stakeholders, it transforms Chennai into a hub of enlightenment, fostering profound dialogue and fostering strategic partnerships within the automotive and technology sectors.

This year marks the 15th Edition of this conference, and it is a special period for this initiative to bring industry leaders under one roof.

Key Objectives

Why Attend ?

The conference provides an insight into the latest trends, technologies, and developments in the automotive industry. These advancements can help individuals and companies remain competitive. The conference brings together professionals, researchers, and experts from various sectors of the automotive industry & offers an excellent opportunity to network, build relationships, and potentially collaborate on research projects or business ventures.

Who can attend ?


Technology & Solutions provider




Conference Delegate Fee


(18% GST Additional)

Rs. 5000

CII Member

Rs. 6000


Rs. 4000


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