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SME, Entrepreneurs & Startups

Empowering industries and startups to gain deeper insights into emerging trends and tackle critical industry-specific challenges of national significance.

Our Mission

The mission of the Centre is driven by a set of transformational services that guide MSMEs in the adoption of tools for excellence and efficiency and also to create a strong ecosystem for entrepreneurship in the country. Being an industry-led initiative, TNTDPC has the reach, resources and perspective to design programmes and interventions that increase the odds of entrepreneurial success.


Our Objective

To help them grow exponentially, build, scalability and add new capabilities. Over the fifteen years, TNTDPC has provided Industries with the support, systems and tools to make a mark  in the competitive world. It is realized that the best way to enhance an organization’s competitiveness is  through the right kind of technology.

TNTDPC is powered by the responsibility of enriching the lives of its clients, improving their workplaces and making the world at large, a better place by applying quality tools, techniques and systems. TNTDPC provides the best of its kind training and consulting services to organizations to help improve their performance and set standards of  excellence.

Elevating Startup Ecosystem

Fueling Startup Success: Empowering Innovation and Industry Growth

TNTDPC  through its services, plays a catalytic role to improve startup eco system to greater heights through stake-holder participations. TNTDPC enables the industries/startups  to gain more insights on emerging trends and address industry specific challenges of national importance.

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TNTDPC is a prototype of CII for working along with Government of Tamil Nadu and Government of India in an effort to help domestic industries create value, scale, and go global.

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