Technology Commercialization
for Entrepreneurs

TNTDPC provides a helping hand to the entrepreneurs and industries in commercialization of the technologies. TDTDPC assists industries and entrepreneurs in converting a lab-scale or a concept (patentable) product to a pilot-scale product and eventually get it tested by nationally / internationally accredited labs and if required, test-market it for further commercialization.

TNTDPC serves as a one stop-shop for providing Technology Commercialization services. This includes –
  • Cross Functional Technology Assistance: TNTDPC assists for getting ‘external’ technology assistance for commercialization of the ‘developed’ product to a commercial product.
  • Project Evaluation: TNTDPC assists in evaluation based on Expert Opinion on Technology, Market Survey and Financial Viability.
  • Detailed Project Report: TNTDPC assists in preparing the DPR based on the project evaluation and the requirement of the Technology Financier.
  • Assistance in Sourcing Finance: TNTDPC assists entrepreneurs in choosing the best ‘Technology Financing’ option available. Also TNTDPC helps entrepreneurs in ‘hand-holding’ for a successful financial-closure of the project. For this purpose, TNTDPC has compiled the best options available in the country and out-side for Technology Financing.
  • Project Implementation Support: TNTDPC assists in identifying the best state-of-art equipment for ‘Technology Implementation’ at the best commercial terms. Also TNTDPC’s experienced team guides in most professional project management without any time and cost overruns.
  • Project Monitoring: TNTDPC assists entrepreneurs in managing the project to the best management practices and ensure maximum efficiency.