Technology Services

TNTDPC assist in planning program and methods to create awareness among the MSMEs in new technology and innovations which is on global and insist them on implementing of these right technologies over them.

We also assist in developing new technologies and upgrading of those technologies among the SMEs. We also promote research in new product innovation among the industries and technology transfer and sourcing through tie up with the institutions and experts. We also provide helping hands to the entrepreneur and industrialist in converting of prototype in to pilot scale product through test by national/internationally accredited lab for their commercialization.

Feasibility Study

As we are doing this is to get benefits for the industrialist, farmers, traders, and consumers by saving cost, reducing of wastage in various stage of handling and studying of possibility of creating enabling environment for technology driven business and utilization of advanced technologies to get the affordable price for their product.

  • Studying the existing technologies, production systems and market for their product with the view of future
  • Analyze the problems and constraint in existing technologies and market, asses the need for that product.
  • Evaluate the financial viability if the project.
  • Prepare the complete execution/implementation plan for the project.